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Please note: our minimum print run is generally 500 copies.
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Number of pages for cover and content (e.g. 4 cover pages, 96 content pages)
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Specify the number of colours. Common are black only or CMYK. But of course, we can also accommodate spot colours.
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There are many types of special finishes and upgrades (e.g. lamination, embossing, varnishes, die-cutting, etc.). We can easily add those to the quote after further consultation.
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Specify the type and weight of paper stock used for cover and content. If you don't have an specific ideas yet, please describe your preferred choice in simple words and we create an initial quote using popular stock types. (e.g. uncoated recycling paper)
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The amount of copies to quote. Feel free to select multiple amounts to see how the per-copy price changes with a higher print-run.

Depending on the scope of your project we usually request 500-1000 as a minimum quantity.

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Please provide a delivery address or at least country. Note that shipping thousands of copies anywhere outside the EU is usually not economical. We recommend storing your magazines in Berlin and letting our partner OML do your fulfilment to individual readers and shops. Free delivery of your finished publication to OML (in Berlin) is included in our quote. 

For more info on OML see here:
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